Brazil initiates sunset review of antidumping duties on N-Butanol

Please be informed that the Brazilian government initiated on July 15, 2022 a sunset review of the antidumping duties applicable on steel wires (NCM codes 2905.13.00), originating from África do Sul and Rússia. Such products are used in the production of plasticizers, the paint and varnish industry, acetates and acrylates, and the production of glycol ethers, perfumes, intermediates for detergents and antibiotics, in the extraction of drugs, hormones and vitamins, as an additive in polishes and cleaners, and in the production of flotation agents and butylamines.

Please note that this is the first review of the antidumping duties relating to this product. Antidumping measures were originally applied in 2017.

Upon initiation of the review process, the Brazilian government may extend these measures for an additional period of five (5) years.

The review must be concluded within ten months, counting from its initiation date, and this term may be extended for up to two months in exceptional circumstances. Furthermore, the antidumping measures will remain in force during the review process.

The participation of exporters and importers is of utmost importance to prevent the continued imposition of antidumping measures or, at least, reduce the current dumping margin. There are several points that can be challenged as regards the allegations of continuation of dumping and injury.

Companies have 20 (twenty) days, that is, until August 8, 2022 to request their participation in the investigation to the Brazilian Trade Defence Department (DECOM). If companies miss this deadline, they will not be able to participate in this procedure.

DECOM will provide importers and exporters with a questionnaire which shall be submitted back within 30 (thirty) days. There is possibility of requesting an extension of this deadline.

Figueiredo Law Advocacia remains at your disposal to clarify any doubts about the process.

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