Brazil issues regulation on ''digital nomads''

The Brazilian Council for Immigration (CNIg) issued on January 24, 2022 a regulation establishing the parameters for visa application for digital nomads.

Digital nomads are remote workers who travel to different locations on a regular basis. They use modern technology to work from coffee shops, hotels, co-working spaces, libraries or their own home with a WiFi connected laptop or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Some countries, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, have adhered to a temporary visa for these workers. Brazil now has followed the same path.

Digital nomads planning to come to Brazil can apply for a temporary visa that authorizes the residence of immigrants who do not have an employment relationship in Brazil and whose professional activity can be carried out remotely. This visa has a one-year validity.

The documents which the immigrant concerned must possess for the application are:

1- Valid travel document or other document proving his/her identity and nationality;

2- Health insurance valid in the national territory;

3- Proof of payment of consular fees;

4- Completed visa application form;

5- Proof of means of transport of entry into the national territory;

6- Certificate of criminal history issued by the country of origin;

7- Documents proving the condition of digital nomad.

In the process of proving their digital nomadic status, the interested party must present the following documents:

1- Statement by the applicant attesting his/her ability to carry out professional activities remotely.

2- Employment contract or any other documents proving his/her link with a foreign employer; and

3- Proof of means of subsistence, coming from a foreign source, in a monthly amount equal to or greater than US$ 1,500.00 or availability of bank funds in the minimum amount of US$ 18,000.00.

It will be possible to renew the digital nomad visa for a period of up to 1 year.

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